Our department at Southwestern Adventist University helps you to develop real-life 业务 skills to prepare and test you in an academic environment that fosters innovation and creativity!

作为工商管理系, we strive to prepare you for Christian service and 业务 leadership in today’s global economy. We have built our department on academic excellence, integrity and an entrepreneurial spirit. 皇冠app官方版的目标是服务和重视多元化的学生群体, equipping you with the intellectual fortitude to change the world.



  • Puts emphasis on giving you real world experiences through internships and 业务 strategy simulations.
  • Provides an opportunity to build strong leadership skills through our award-winning Enactus 团队.
  • 给s hands-on field experience to prepare you for the work field.
  • Prepares you for a stimulating and rewarding 业务-oriented career.



  • Provide you with the necessary knowledge for successful work experience in today's 业务 environment and graduate studies.
  • Promote an awareness of free enterprise with an international orientation within a framework of moral and ethical guidelines.
  • Enrich the learning-teaching experience by fostering access to and utilization of appropriate learning resources.
  • 促进教师和学生的参与 社区 活动.







A young man with short, naturally red hair looks up and gently smiles

“我获得了TCU的全额奖学金, 但决定去西南基督复临安息日会大学. 回想起来,我做了一个再好不过的决定! 你可以在任何地方接受教育, but I don’t think I would have learned what I did anywhere other than SWAU. I learned not just about 业务 but also about how to be a Christian in 业务.
I learned leadership skills that have helped me excel in my role at Edward Jones. Enactus was one of the most impactful groups that I was apart of. It got me out of my comfort zone by having to present to 业务 owners and executives and also to think of others and not myself.
老师们都很棒! 他们不仅仅是教授,还会成为你的朋友. The classes are small and so you really develop lasting relationships with everyone in the room. I would recommend anyone who wants to get a Christian 业务 education to go to SWAU.”

托尼Seery, 2015届金融学毕业生

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A blurred photo of the university campus showcasing the nursing building, 圆形大厅和美丽的绿色等级之间的人行道

Southwestern Adventist University Moves to the Cloud with Ellucian

Shot of the Chan Shun Centennial 图书馆 taken from a left angle with the sun peaking out from behind a tree in the foreground


阿曼德米兰达,小. 分享他的SWAU之旅





A bunch of greenery is framing the library, which is a bit distant in the shot.


Graduating seniors throw their caps in the air while being surrounded by proud faculty and staff


A student and her mother smile, both looking at a a computuer screen as the student does home work.




Southwestern Adventist University's Enactus 团队 Places at Nationals



B.B.A. 会计

你喜欢记录财务和整理数字吗? 然后可能是B.B.A. 会计很适合你!

B.B.A. 认证的财务规划

Do you seek to become an expert in the art of setting financial goals and identifying the tools needed to reach them? 获得你的财务规划证书!

B.B.A. 数字营销

B.B.A. 数字营销 degree is newly offered by the 工商管理系! This new degree focuses on the study of the techniques used in the digital marketing of products or services.

B.B.A. 的电子竞技 & 游戏

B.B.A. 的电子竞技 and 游戏 is a very new concentration offered by the 工商管理系! Southwestern Adventist University is one of the few universities to offer this degree.

B.B.A. 金融

Have you always had a knack for keeping track of numbers and accounts? 也许你该去查个B.B.A. 金融.

B.B.A. 人力资源管理

Do you enjoy the idea of handling personnel decisions such as hiring, 位置赋值, 培训, 福利和补偿? 然后可能是B.B.A. 人力资源管理是最适合你的学位!

B.B.A. 国际业务

Are you looking for a 业务 degree that incorporates the study of 业务, 经济学, 外语及其他领域? A B.B.A. 国际业务 may be the perfect companion degree for you!

B.B.A. 管理

你想成为一个领导者,帮助管理团队项目吗? A B.B.A. 管理 will equip you with the right set of skills to manage projects and teams.

B.B.A. 管理、老年生活管理重点

你有兴趣领导一个老年人生活机构吗? 对改变老年人生活充满热情? A career in Senior Living Administration might be the perfect fit for you!

B.B.A. 市场营销

Do you find yourself good at analytics, writing or creative development? Perhaps you should consider a career in marketing by pursuing a B.B.A. 市场营销.

B.B.A. 专业销售中的市场营销重点

你想学习数字时代的战术吗? 建立企业成功所需的联系. Professional Sales digs deeper into a marketing concentration to provide you skills for success.

B.B.A. 操作 & 供应链管理

Do you enjoy managing the daily workings of a company to help them increase their profits through efficiency? 然后一个B.B.A. 运营管理可能非常适合你.

B.B.A. 项目管理

Do you want to learn how to bring strategy, programming, leadership, 业务 theory all together? 把项目管理作为你的重点.

B.S. 业务

Are you looking for a 业务 major that would pair nicely with another degree? A B.S. 业务, 专为双学位学生设计, will gives students an opportunity to participate in internships to earn real world experience, build leadership skills and gain insight into how a company works.


希望在你的专业中增加商业技能? The 工商管理系 offers minors in accounting, 业务, 金融, 国际商务及市场营销.

理学学士与. 工商管理学士学位

A B.S. degree is 专为双学位学生设计 or pre-professional program and is also available through SWAUonline.

A B.B.A. degree gives students a broad understanding of the workings of a company. 这类学位, 学生将学习商业运作的一般原则, 沟通技巧, 决策和, 这取决于你的研究领域, 知识进入金融世界, 会计和市场营销.



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